Using Up The Sweet Potato

Hi! Also, HELP! I took a turn onto Memory Lane while working on that post about Fairy Bread and now I can’t find my way back home. How about you go and look for help and I’ll just try and make the best of the situation here. Oh, oh, maybe, tear up this slice of bread and leave a trail behind you. Foolproof! Great. So the year is 1993 and begorrah haven’t we only upped sticks and moved from Queensland to Ireland, thereby swapping hundreds and thousands for packets of Tayto. Sure, they had hundreds and thousands in Ireland but they hadn’t thought about putting them on bread because, well, you know. However, CRISPS. Now there’s another story. Crisp sandwiches are a veritable rite of passage for any young sprout newly planted in Ireland. To make matters more complicated, said sprout will likely be expected to weigh-in on the Tayto versus King debate. While I do have opinions on this matter, I don’t plan on getting into them here, as I feel that it may be seen by some as childish and immatAYTO. Okay, so, In a similar vein to my last post I have updated this old classic for a much more mature, discerning, grown-up, boring audience.

crisp sambo 05

Click below to see the recipe…

Grown-Up Sweet Potato Crisp Sandwich

You’ll need sweet potato, courgette, cashew nuts, soft goats cheese, bread, oil, rice wine vinegar, brown sugar, salt, basil. The quantities are up to you, really.

1. I preheated the fan oven to about 180°.

2. Then, sliced up a courgette into thin discs, using a peeler. I left these to rest in some oil, rice wine vinegar, and a bit of brown sugar, to taste, but enough to cover.

3. Next I sliced up my sweet potato, very thin, with a good knife. It’s okay if you’re not getting perfect rounds, the variation in textures is good, but do try to go as thin as you can manage. Or, use a mandolin. Toss these in your choice of oil and some salt and put them in the oven for about 20 minutes, turning once halfway through the cooking.

4. While the courgette rests and the sweet potato crisps bake, I made a quick pesto by crushing up the cashew nuts, some oil, sea salt and basil, using a mortar and pestle.

5. I then removed the crisps from the oven and let them cool, and placed the courgette slices on some kitchen roll. Then I made a sandwich. You know how to do that. Crisps, courgette and lots of dots of goats cheese and pesto hanging out throughout. EAT UP.


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