Bringing Home the Greengages and Camelina Oil


If greengages were people I would bake them a cake. Just because. And they’d be so flattered and would say: ‘For meee? But whyyy?’ And I’d say, like I just said: ‘Oh, you know, just becaaause.’ But really I’d be thinking you’resopretty&nice&modest&Iwanttobeyourbestfriend. I feel a little bit funny about admitting that I want to be best friends with a variety of fruit. So, I’ll go ahead and move on swiftly, if that’s o.k. with you guys. The recipe I’ve adapted here is one that went a bit viral there for a bit. I found it on Food52. I adapted it because I really like greengages. It’s not like I want to be their best friend or anything, I just really like the taste (shhh heh heh heh). Also, subbing camelina oil in for the olive oil makes so much sense to me. I mean, if I’m being honest, right now, I want everything to taste like camelina oil. However, look, camelina cakes make so much sense; infused with that floral and fruity and light yet v v v distinctive flavour. So here‘s the recipe I followed. I just replaced the olive oil with camelina oil and the standard plums with the more specific greengage. The preceding main course was described as ‘a hug on a plate’, the highest compliment you can pay a cook, if the cook is me. THANKS.



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