Bringing Home The Bacon, Sea Bass and Cavolo Nero


This evening I was ripping up my third bunch of three of cavolo nero when a sleepy little lime green caterpillar landed silently on the kitchen counter. Heya. I commended it on its choice of bunch and further still on its decision to evacuate said bunch before getting folded into my potato stew. The potatoes and kale were both leftovers from last night’s fish and chips. It was such a quicky. Great. So, the oven was preheated to 200 (celsius, fan) and first in were the freshly cut chips, tossed in olive oil and sea salt. Ten minutes later the seasoned vine tomatoes and avocado went in, with a drizzle of oil, leaving room in the baking dish for the seabass. Five minutes on I seasoned the seabass and quickly fried the flesh until golden, for a minute or something. Then I nestled it into the baking dish, skin-side-down, and finished it in the oven. Strips of bacon took its place in the frying pan, while the kale steamed over a simmering pot of water. About seven or eight or nine or ten minutes later, dinner was ready, and the kale and bacon were added to the baking dish. Such a satisfying sizzle!! – successfully drowned out by the sound of rubbish Saturday night TV YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYA


One thought on “Bringing Home The Bacon, Sea Bass and Cavolo Nero

  1. Lovely quick dish & your cat is so sweet 🙂 I love the pic Katie :):):):):)
    I think you give me loads of inspiration, actually I’m coming back home and I’m too lazy to cook anything but tomorrow I’m off and I planed to prepare some nice fish… lemon sole maybe… 🙂
    See ya at work! xxx


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