Bringing Home The Maris Pipers, Discovery Apples and Superquinn Sausages

Maris Pipers, Discovery Apples, Superquinn Sausages 02

Maris Pipers, Discover Apples, Superquinn Sausages

I got excited about the Maris Pipers because of Jamie Oliver’s roast potatoes. I like to boil them, shake them, roast them, squash them, and roast them again, just like him. I think I can hear him say ‘Maris Pipers’ in my head, so I think they’re the ones he uses. Towards the end of the cooking time I added the discovery apples. They are the most pretty and obliging item of food that I have eaten in a while, and they came out as close to candyfloss as an apple could ever dream of being. The Superquinn (4eva) sausages joined everything else in the oven. I’d never baked them before. The homemade baked beans were better than everything else.


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